Bergamot and Wild Cardoon May Help Support Liver Health


Using the ingredient Bergacyn FF from DolCas Biotech, LLC, Italian researchers report that 12 weeks of supplementation with the polyphenolic fraction of bergamot and an extract of wild cardoon resulted in a reduction in liver fat content in people from over 50 years.

Data published in Frontiers in endocrinologyalso found that the supplement resulted in statistically significant weight reductions for those over 50.

“An unexpected result of the study was the impact of Bergacyn on weight loss”, said Dr Shavon Jackson-Michel, director of medical and scientific affairs at DolCas Biotech.

“The absolute difference Bergacyn FF made in body weight reductions compared to placebo was about 4 lbs. Total weight loss in the Bergacyn FF group over 12 weeks fell to just under 10 lbs. The news research supports the traditional wisdom of botanical synergy and how standardized ingredient formulations might be the best way forward for multifactorial processes such as NAFL.

Bergacyn FF

Bergacyn FF combines extracts derived from Italian bergamot (Citrus bergamia) And wild cardoon (Cynara cardunculus sylvestris), Also known as wild Italian artichoke thistle leaf.

The manufacturer and patent holder of Bergacyn FF is Herbal and Antioxidant Derivatives, Srl. Dolcas Biotech, LLC is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Bergacyn FF and the exclusive licensee of the brand.

Study details

Wild cardoon (Cynara cardunculus). Image © Goldfinch4ever / Getty Images

The new study included 102 people with fatty liver disease (aged 35 to 70) and randomly assigned them to receive either 600 mg / d of Bergacyn FF or a maltodextrin-based placebo for 12 weeks. Overweight and obese subjects in both groups also had to reduce their calorie intake by 400 to 500 calories per day. Eighty-six subjects completed the study.

The results of the double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial indicated that the accumulation of fat in the liver was reduced by 9% in the group receiving an active supplement, compared to the placebo. When the researchers focused their analysis on people over 50, they found that the reduction in liver fat was 15%.

The researchers also noted that, compared to placebo, Bergacyn FF was associated with a significant reduction in body weight.

“[The Bergamot-wild cardoon combination] was well tolerated and was not associated with an increased risk of adverse events. [Bergacyn FF] would constitute a promising complement to the non-pharmacological measures commonly used to counter the onset and progression of NAFLD, at least in individuals over 50 years of age ”, write the researchers.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

NAFLD is the most common liver defect in Western countries and parallels the epidemic of metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diabetes. Frequently disabling and occasionally leading to cirrhosis, fatty liver disease costs the U.S. health care system about $ 32 billion a year

Source: Frontiers in endocrinology
do I: 10.3389 / fendo.2020.0494
“Randomized clinical trial: bergamot and wild cardoon reduce hepatic steatosis and body weight in people without diabetes over the age of 50”
Authors: Y. Ferro et al.

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