Companies Unite to Strengthen Diagnosis of Cancer and Liver Disease

Two companies committed to making improvements for people with lung cancer, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and breast cancer have teamed up to strengthen non-invasive diagnostics for these conditions.

IV Bio-holdings (IVBH), a clinical-stage bio-platform company that designs, builds and scales first-generation precision health solutions that improve disease detection, diagnosis and treatment, s is associated with Sonrai Analytics whose advanced and personalized AI applications will strengthen the analytical capabilities of IVBH.

Clinical insights

This will improve clinical insights for the company’s pipeline.

IVBH Founder and CEO Marty Keizer said, “In the digital age, abundance beats scarcity every time and the IVBH-Sonrai partnership is the ultimate expression of abundance. It will leverage AI to democratize healthcare R&D and accelerate massive value creation for all stakeholders through our new highly efficient decentralized partnership model.

He added that over the past year, the IVBH has shifted its time and resources into institutionalizing the people, partners and infrastructure needed to bring its diagnostic solutions to market with speed, efficiency and a disciplined approach to risk mitigation.

He added, “Collaborating with Sonrai closes the loop for us, providing IVBH with the dedicated data science, engineering and regulatory expertise – and the AI-powered solutions needed to optimize the IVBH platform – from R&D to commercialization.”

Artificial intelligence

Sonrai, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, adopts artificial intelligence approaches to help biotech, CRO and pharmaceutical companies use their data more effectively. Its cloud-based platform provides full transparency and user control. It also helps manage structured and unstructured data sources and file types, from small CSV files to terabytes of gigapixel images. Advanced AI, machine learning and deep learning methods to extract maximum value from digital approaches to modern precision medicines are all within its capabilities.

Sonrai Founder and CEO, Darragh McArt said, “From the first meeting, it was clear that LVI was approaching everything in a new way. Their unique focus on commercializing multimodal RNA solutions in health care areas with poor clinical outcomes fits within the context of an integrative diagnostic package, which is a perfect fit not only with our team’s experience , but also to Sonrai’s intentional platform design, making it the perfect fit.

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