Dabdoub Law Firm Retrieves Disability Benefits From Famous Liver Transplant Surgeon In US District Court

Federal Court holds Ameritas Life Insurance Corporation liable for breach of contract and confirms that liver transplant surgery is a professionally recognized medical specialty.

CHICAGO, May 27, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In Millis v. Ameritasmanaging partner of Cabinet Dabdoub Law Firm, Edward Dabdouband partner, Nina Burgosargued a case in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and confirmed his client’s entitlement to disability benefits.

This is a big win for doctors covered by specialized disability insurance policies for their own profession. The case highlights a problem with disability insurance, namely that insurance companies target doctors (and surgeons) to sell very expensive disability insurance policies on the understanding that they would be eligible for a total disability in the event that the disability would prevent them from performing the essential functions of that specific medical specialty, but then denies disability claims on the basis that the physician continues to perform other professional duties.

In this case, the Claimant worked as a liver transplant surgeon before a wrist injury disabled him from his job. Because the plaintiff could no longer perform a liver transplant, he applied for total disability benefits from Ameritas. Instead of acknowledging the plaintiff’s medical specialty as defined in its policy, Ameritas asserted that the Dabdoub law firm client had a “composite job” which consisted of liver transplant surgery, hepatobiliary surgery and appointment of professor at the university hospital where he was employed. Since the client could still perform hepatobiliary surgery and teach, Ameritas argued that he was not disabled from his primary occupation.

According to the opinion of the United States District Court, liver transplant surgery is a professionally recognized medical specialty, not a composite work. Liver transplant surgeons spend a large portion of their working hours performing hepatobiliary and other more general surgeries because liver transplants do not fill all of their time.

Thus, the client of Dabdoub Law Firm was entitled to total disability benefits from Ameritas. The legal precedent in Millis v. Ameritas will apply to other physicians and surgeons in similar situations.

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This victory in federal court adds to a series of cases won by the Dabdoub law firm involving complex legal issues and facts relating to disability insurance claims.

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