Guerbet highlights the use of Lipiodol for the treatment of liver cancer in India

The experts discussed the effect of Lipiodol on disease management in India and beyond and its use and future application in the country.

Guerbet, headquartered in France, hosted its first virtual media roundtable in India, entitled “Guerbet in India and 100 years and beyond of Lipiodol”. Lipiodol is internationally recognized as one of the leading ethiodized oils that has transformed lives and contributed to enormous advances in the treatment of major diseases and debilitating conditions.

In India, the drug has been used for decades in the fight against cancer and liver diseases and continues to help in the management of various diseases. Lipiodol is a pale yellow/amber colored oil-based radiopaque contrast agent composed of iodine which is organically combined with fatty acid ethyl esters of poppy seed oil.

In 2019, the company received approval for a new indication of Lipiodol Ultra Fluid in India for chemoembolization (cTACE) of tumors in adults with known intermediate stage hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

HCC is the most common primary liver cancer and the 4th leading cause of annual cancer death worldwide. Lipiodol Ultra Fluid is used for cTACE, a minimally invasive procedure that involves mixing Lipiodol Ultra Fluid with an anticancer drug.

Responding to the concern over the cost of this treatment, Dr. Vimal Someshwar, Head of Department, Intervention and Diagnostic Radiology, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital and Medical Research Institute said that it is considered a treatment profitable in India.

In addition, Ghosh TP, Managing Director, Guerbet, India presented the activities of Guerbet in India which set up the inauguration of the head office of Guerbet India in Mumbai in October 2021.

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