HelioLiver launches liquid biopsy test for early detection of liver cancer


Helio Health and its business partner Fulgent Genetics announced this week the launch of the HelioLiver blood test for liver cancer.

HelioLiver is a multi-analyte blood test that uses cell-free DNA methylation (cfDNA) patterns and serum protein markers to detect hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), which is the most common form of liver cancer. The test is able to detect HCC in its early stages when the lesions are still small to allow for more curative treatment options.

Recent studies of the test have shown HelioLiver to have “higher sensitivity” compared to currently available blood tests, according to a press release. It had a specificity of 91% and a sensitivity of 76% in detecting HCC at an early stage, outperforming other detection tools like AFP (57%), GALAD (65%) and ultrasound (47%) ).

The test is intended for patients at high risk of developing liver cancer. It has “the potential to redefine the future of cancer screening tests and drive better patient outcomes,” Helio Health US CEO Justin Chen Li said in a press release.

HelioLiver has also made routine checkups easier by providing blood tests that can provide a fast and accurate way to receive regular monitoring for people at risk of developing liver cancer.


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