How not to fall for the loan scam

In some moments of life, it is normal that there is a need to ask for a loan, whether to make a trip, buy a property or vehicle, perform a wedding, among others. Currently, in addition to banks, there are several online credit companies that offer better terms.

However, there are also many scams in these areas, so we have separated some tips for not falling into the loan scam.

There are several forms of scam used by criminals, some create fake websites and pretend to be serious companies to offer credit to people, however, everything is just a fraud, a deception to take money from consumers.

Most scams consist of asking for an advance payment for the loan, which is illegal.

How to identify a scam

How to identify a scam

First, it is important to look for information about the company offering the loan, look for complaints and evaluations on the internet, such as on the “Reclame Aqui” website, talk to those who have already used the services, check the security of the company’s website, among others.

In addition, it is important to be aware of some situations, for example, be wary if the company is not interested in your income history. Credit companies depend on your payments, so they need confirmation that the applicant will be able to repay the loan, so if the company is not interested in your income the chances of being a scam are great.

Beware of the company puts too much pressure

Beware of the company puts too much pressure

On you to make the decision quickly or if you are too insistent. This is a clear sign of a scam since the criminal intends to extort the money as quickly as possible, without the consumer understanding that it is a fraud, that’s why there is so much persistence, be wary whenever this happens.

Be aware of the company avoids sending the contract and the loan payment terms, such as interest rate and term.

In addition, never accept to make a payment to a physical account, always look for the company’s Astro, check which financial institution is working with the site and never accept installments that compromise about 30% of the family income.



Negative people need extra attention because they are the most susceptible to scams since criminals target these people who are going through a difficult time. In such cases, be even more suspicious if you receive a loan offer without credit analysis or with very good terms.

Always be careful with your personal data, be cautious when passing your CPF and RG to strangers and never share your account or credit card details without first being sure of the seriousness and security of the credit company.

Unfortunately, the cases of scams with loans have grown more and more, currently, scams are carried out even by Whatsapp.

So be wary of very good and very easy loan offers, follow the tips in the article and be very careful when accepting loan proposals, always ask for the contract and analyze the conditions very well.