Innovative Y-90 SIRT Cancer Treatment Brings Hope to Liver Cancer Patients


Dr Geschwind in the operating room with his team preparing to treat liver cancer with selective internal radiation therapy Y-90.  patient

Dr. Jeff Geschwind, director of oncology, USA Oncology Centers, and his team are preparing to treat a patient with liver cancer with selective Y-90 internal radiation therapy.

Dr Jeff Geschwind, Director of Oncology Centers in the United States

US Oncology Centers Offer Office-Based Procedure For Cancer Control

These state-of-the-art procedures performed under image guidance are extremely precise in their ability to kill liver tumors and are extremely beneficial for patients with liver cancer.

– Jeff Geschwind, MD, Director of Oncology Centers of the United States

NORTHBROOK, IL, USA, Aug 31, 2021 / – USA Oncology Centers is extremely proud to announce that a patient with hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) has been successfully treated with selective internal radiation therapy Y-90 . This innovative image-guided treatment infuses millions of radioactive resin microspheres (90 yttrium or Y90) through a tiny catheter that is placed precisely under direct image guidance into the liver. Once in place, the microspheres selectively target liver tumors and deliver a radiation dose up to 40 times that of conventional external beam radiation therapy. What is really remarkable is that this massive dose of radiation spares the healthy liver since the microspheres carrying the radiation are selectively delivered by the artery which exclusively supplies the tumors with blood.

This very advanced non-surgical treatment was recently performed on a woman from Danbury, Connecticut, who had hepatocellular carcinoma against the background of cirrhosis of the liver, which is a chronic inflammation of the liver that can ultimately lead to liver cancer. The incidence of primary liver cancer has tripled in recent decades in the United States, mainly due to the increase in viral hepatitis C infection and obesity, both of which can cause cirrhosis. . After several discussions with the patient’s family and physicians, the decision was made to proceed with selective Y-90 internal radiation therapy.

“This patient was an ideal candidate for Y-90 selective internal radiation therapy,” said Jeff Geschwind, MD, director of the United States Oncology Centers. “The treatment will prevent tumors in her liver from growing, allowing her to remain eligible for a liver transplant. ”

“These state-of-the-art procedures performed under image guidance are extremely precise in their ability to kill liver tumors and are extremely beneficial for patients with liver cancer,” said Geschwind. “And these procedures are perfect for an outpatient setting. Not only do they give hope to patients with liver cancer, but now these patients do not even need to go to the hospital to be treated effectively.

When a patient is diagnosed with primary liver cancer or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the best option for recovery is to have a liver transplant. Unfortunately, most patients are not eligible for such therapy because liver cancer is frequently diagnosed at an advanced stage.

“One way to maximize the chances of a patient remaining on the transplant list is to treat them while the cancer is still at an early stage to prevent it from growing,” Geschwind said. “This is precisely what the oncology centers in the United States performed on this patient.”

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Y-90 selective internal radiation therapy can be used to treat primary and metastatic liver cancer. These microscopic and radioactive microspheres offer revolutionary results in controlling and even eliminating liver cancers that cannot be removed by surgery.

This Y-90 selective internal radiation therapy gave patient Vanessa Ananias new hope and a second chance in a year that included not only her battle with liver cancer, but also a fight against COVID-19. The 49-year-old has had a life filled with unexpected health problems. Growing up in Brazil, Ms. Ananias has suffered from kidney stones since she was a teenager. In her early forties, she was diagnosed with diabetes and suffered a mild heart attack. After arriving in the United States in 2008, Ms. Ananias still suffered from health problems, even though she worked and exercised regularly. Ultimately, kidney stones led to his accidental diagnosis of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and, in turn, primary liver cancer or HCC.

“When my mother was finally diagnosed with liver cancer, she was not offered any real options,” said Matheus Ananias, who helps his Portuguese-speaking mother navigate the medical system. “Because she is in the process of applying for citizenship and has no insurance, it takes longer for my mother to receive health care. We were utterly desperate in a world suddenly hit by the pandemic. “

“The hope that was taken from us has been restored,” his son said. “The procedure was performed the same day and my mother felt well enough to return to work almost immediately.”

She will now be closely monitored with imaging to make sure her tumors have been treated effectively. If necessary, patients can be retreated to achieve complete destruction of the tumor or to treat any recurrence. The focused nature and high level of precision of this therapy allows physicians to deliver more radiation to liver tumors than would be possible with conventional external beam radiation therapy.

“General cancer patient care is a priority at oncology centers across the United States to provide the best clinical outcomes and patient experience,” said Founder and CEO Yan Katsnelson, MD. “Our world-class doctors deliver the most advanced minimally invasive procedures that transform lives and make a real difference in the fight against liver cancer.

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