Kerala doctor opposes use of homeopathic arsenic medicine as ‘immunity boost’ for post-Edexlive students



Representative image | Photo: Express

On Wednesday, October 20, a doctor specializing in hepatology and liver transplant medicine addressed the Kerala High Court challenging the state government’s decision to administer homeopathic medicine Arsenicum Album 30CH to schoolchildren for COVID-19 , with a view to the reopening of schools. in November. The state government approved the project named “Karuthalodu Munnottu” to provide the drug as “immunity enhancement” against COVID-19.

The petition was filed by Dr Cyriac Abby Philips, recipient of the President’s Gold Medal 2016. The petition was filed by attorneys S Akash and Megha A. She stated that no scientific data is available from from the state government to prove the drug’s efficacy and safety.

The petitioner claimed that arsenic is known as the “king of all poisons” due to the significant threat it poses to human health. Exposure to arsenic can cause cancer, liver damage, and many other health problems. Studies suggest that even minute amounts of arsenic can cause cognitive and neurological dysfunction in children. Publications, including homeopathic reviews, prove that Arsenicum Album 30CH causes symptoms similar to those of arsenic poisoning.

Vaccines or any other drug currently used in modern medicine arrive after several phases of testing, where efficacy and safety are thoroughly tested and validated, the petition says.



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