Korean Ginseng Association outlines the functional benefits of Korean ginseng for improving liver health

Seoul, South Korea, December 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Korean Ginseng Association announced that Korean ginseng has been registered as a “functional ingredient to improve liver health” by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

photo provided: The Korea Ginseng Association

The term “functional ingredient” refers to food properties or ingredients recognized by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, a national government agency that oversees the safety of food and functional health foods in Korea.

The recognition by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korean ginseng as a “functional ingredient to improve liver health” was based on a 5-year clinical study conducted by the research team of Geumsan Ginseng Herb Industry Advancement Institute.

The research team administered a ginseng extract of 2.4 g daily for 12 weeks to 60 men and women aged 19 to 70 whose liver levels were slightly higher than normal. After 12 weeks, ALT, which increases with damaged liver cells, decreased by 15.67%.

Moreover, in the case of alcohol-related liver disease or biliary tract disease, gamma GT also decreased by 5.93%, showing marked improvement. As a result of this study, the officially recognized health benefits of Korean ginseng shifted to 4 factors: improved bone health, immune system, recovery from fatigue, and now liver health.

Researchers have found that heating ginseng saponins over time produces saponin and amino sugar compounds such as the ginsenosides Rg3, Rg5, and Rk1. These components show excellent effects in antioxidant, anti-cancer activity, blood circulation improvement and memory enhancement. In particular, the polysaccharide component of ginseng is known to be helpful in boosting the immune system.

Ban Blood-bae, president of the Korea Ginseng Association said: “As Korean ginseng is officially registered as a functional health ingredient by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, the possibility of developing various functional health foods using ginseng and ways to improve the consumability of ginseng has begun. I hope that many people will take advantage of the benefits of ginseng to maintain healthy liver.”

Meanwhile, the Korea Ginseng Association is a corporation under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs of the Republic of Korea. Its aim is to promote the healthy development of the ginseng industry, to globalize Korean ginseng. You can find detailed information about Korean ginseng on its website. (http://korean-ginseng.org/en2/)

SOURCE The Korean Ginseng Association

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