Kris Aquino rules out cancer, diabetes, kidney and liver disease

MANILA — Kris Aquino underwent a series of tests to rule out certain illnesses before she and her sons flew overseas to treat her condition.

On Instagram on Wednesday, Aquino shared that she spent the entire afternoon at her condo consulting with two doctors.

“Marami akong health issues at present, but para-confirm their seriousness, kailangan unahin namin ‘yung pinakamalaking hadlang, my allergies and my chronic hives. Hindi kasi alam how am I going to react to dyes needed for tests like CT SCAN, MRI and lahat ng may -gram sa ending,” she said.

His test results ruled out cancer and diabetes and revealed that his kidney function was fine. Her liver is also working well considering all the maintenance medications she is on.

“Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes, but let’s continue to pray not only for me BUT for all my loved ones: my family – my sisters, brothers-in-law, mga pamangkin and PLEASE, my 2 sons, Kuya Josh and Bimb,” she said.

“Please also pray for my closest cousins ​​and trusted friends of all colors of the 🌈 and my exceptionally loyal doctors, nurse and @home TEAM who care and do everything their best to keep me safe and Covid-free,” she added.

In January, Aquino denied rumors that she was in intensive care, amid her years-long battle with her autoimmune diseases.

“Sorry to disappoint pero buhay at ilalaban pa na mapahaba ang oras ko because Kuya Josh & Bimb still need me,” Aquino wrote.

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