Liver Health Formula Review: Expose Liver Health Formula

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This liver health formula review is written for those looking for factual information and expert opinion on this recently released dietary supplement.

If you are still unaware of this new supplement, Liver Health Formula is a liver health support supplement that has gained great popularity in the market over the past few weeks. You will realize this once you browse through the many reviews of liver health formulas available online.

Liver Health Formula Reviews: Is It Better Than Other Supplements For Supporting Liver Health?

I have a strong feeling that most of these reviews are part of the marketing strategy to promote the supplement. From my years of experience reviewing supplements, this raises a big question about the legitimacy of the formula. Well, this is not a statement that all the trendy formulas are moot, as some are found to be effective like the Oweli Liver Detox which came out a few months ago.

So, when reviewing the authenticity of the liver health formula, I will take the Oweli Liver Detox as my benchmark. Dive right into Liver Health Formula review and find out if Liver Health Formula is great for treating liver disease.

Product Name Liver Health Formula
Maker PureHealth Research
Global mark ?????? 2/5
Ingredients ? Turmeric powder

? Beet root powder

? Dandelion powder

? silymarin

Dosage Take 2 capsules per day
Price $44.1

What is Liver Health Formula?

PureHealth Research Liver Health Formula is considered a dietary formula that supports overall liver health. Most liver health formula reviews available online suggest that it is a natural supplement that fights liver cell damage on many levels and supports healthy liver function.

A single bottle of Liver Health Formula consists of 60 gummies. According to the supplement’s label, it is made with ingredients like turmeric, dandelion, and beetroot that are said to be powerful liver function enhancers. Online Liver Health Formula reviews suggest it will work for everyone. In the following sections, I will verify these claims and reveal the truth behind Live Health Formula.

Manufacturer of liver health formulas

Liver Health Formula is a dietary supplement formulated by the new nutrition brand, PureHealth Research. The research team state the processes involved in making the supplement, but there is no scientific evidence of the processes involved.

How does Liver Health Formula work?

As such, no details on how the Liver Health Formula works are given on the official website. Instead, there is only a section titled “Important Information” where some of the benefits the manufacturer claims the supplement will provide are listed. It is stated that the formula will work in the following way, according to Liver Health Formula reviews:

  • Fights liver cell damage on many levels like viral attacks, toxins and other conditions
  • Improves Liver Makers
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Helps the metabolic functions of the liver
  • Blocks and eliminates toxins
  • Improve protein synthesis and reduce fibroid activity

The official Liver Health Formula website actually lists more benefits without any explanation that the manufacturer does not intend to give a definitive answer.

As for the working supplement, Oweli Liver Detox, it is clearly mentioned on the official website that it works by making the detoxification process more efficient and filtering out the harmful toxins formed in the body due to alcohol, cholesterol and a sedentary lifestyle. As a result, the Oweli Liver Detox formula works effectively to support liver health.

Liver Health Formula Ingredients: Do They Really Work?

When it comes to the effectiveness of the ingredients used in the liver health formula, some research suggests that a few of the ingredients support liver health, but the amounts used are less than the required dose. The supplement facts section on the official website lists the exact amount of each ingredient used that is underdosed.

  • Turmeric powder (root)– The dosage of turmeric powder used in the supplement is 300mg. But, according to a study published in the National Library of Medicine, the minimum suggested dosage is 500 mg. So, even though turmeric root promotes liver health, the dosage is not precise, implying that no results will appear.
  • Beet root powder (root)– Beet powder supports liver health, but the dose used in the formula is only 200mg. A clinical study published on beet powder indicates that the dosage to take is 300 mg.
  • Dandelion powder– In the case of dandelion, the dosage used is much lower. In a clinical trial carried out concerning the effectiveness of dandelion on fatty liver disease, the dosage used is 1 g.
  • silymarin– Only 50mg of silymarin is used in the liver health formula. In a study conducted on the potential effects of silymarin on liver disease, the lowest dose used is 280 mg, and a majority of trials used more than 400 mg.

Likewise, the other ingredients used in Liver Health Formula are underdosed indicating that they will not deliver the promised results. In a working supplement like Oweli Liver Detox, the dosage of each ingredient is exact and all of them promote liver health.

Scientific proof of the formula for liver health

When it comes to scientific evidence, Liver Health Formula is not backed by any. There is a section called scientific research where random clinical studies done on the ingredients are mentioned. But, as mentioned earlier in the Liver Health Formula review, the maker of Liver Health Formula has tactically hidden that none of the ingredients are used in the right amounts. Thus, all the given clinical researches turn out to be useless.

Liver Health Formula Customer Reviews and Complaints

By browsing Liver Health Formula official website, you can see some of the Liver Health Formula reviews shared by customers. Most of them seem to be trending because they contain sugar coated words like “energy burst” which is not a major health benefit offered by a liver support supplement. The reviews available online are also no different, indicating that they are written for marketing purposes.

From my experience, I can assure you that this initial hype and fabricated reviews will die down and eventually fade away. On the other hand, Oweli Liver Detox is a nutritional supplement that has received responses from satisfied customers since its release and these are also available on genuine healthcare websites.

Liver Health Formula: What to Like and What Not to Love

Here are some of the positives and negatives of Liver Health Formula that you can browse through and which I have found in various genuine Liver Health Formula reviews.

what to love

  • Natural liver health support formula.
  • The manufacturer claims they are vegan.

What not to like

  • The dosage of each ingredient used is insufficient.
  • Liver Health Formula is available only on the official website.
  • Customer responses to the supplement appear to be fabricated to promote it.
  • PureHealth Research is new to the field and its authenticity is still in question.
  • The supplement is expensive compared to working supplements like Oweli Liver Detox.

Liver Health Formula Pricing

Now, regarding the price of the liver health formula, on the official website, it is clear that the formula is expensive. For a single bottle, you will have to pay $62.1, which might not be affordable for everyone. Think about it, are you going to spend any real amount of money on a supplement that isn’t legit and doesn’t deliver the desired results?

Instead, try working supplements like Oweli Liver Detox which is both effective and at a much cheaper rate compared to Liver Health Formula. The amount you will have to spend for a single bottle is only $29.99.

Do liver health supplements come with a money back guarantee?

Most liver health formulas are backed by strong money-back and manufacturer satisfaction guarantees. The supplement refund policy period ranges from 30 days to 365 days. That being said, be sure to check that the refund policy is genuine and that the contact details of the manufacturer or supplier are provided so that you can address your concerns.

Counterfeit supplements like Liver Health Formula are made with the intention of burning your pockets and putting your health at risk. To trick unsuspecting customers, the manufacturer may offer a refund. But, once you try to contact them, you will not receive any response.

So, opt for supplements like Oweli Liver Detox which comes with a risk-free refund policy and customer service contact details.

Final Verdict on Liver Health Formula Reviews

So, from my detailed research, it is obvious that Liver Health Formula is not a genuine liver support supplement, but rather a rip off of Oweli Liver Detox working formula. It is very clear that even customer responses to the supplement are fabricated for promotional purposes and even reviews of the liver health formula are not genuine.

As such, there is no reliable information available on the liver health formula and therefore there is serious concern about its safety and potency. The ingredients in the liver health formula are not mixed in the required amounts, indicating that the formula will not yield any results. So, instead of risking your money and your health, buy the already tested and successful Oweli Liver Detox formula which has provided significant results to many customers who have reported their success stories.

Oweli Liver Detox also comes with a 100-day 100% money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with the formula, simply return the empty bottles for a full refund within 100 days of the order date. And the manufacturer declares that it does not believe in magic solutions. The supplement will work given enough time and with consistent use.

Check the availability of Oweli Liver Detox on the official website


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