Patient Advocate Highlights ‘Urgency’ to Treat Chronic Liver Disease



October 26, 2021

1 minute watch

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Annual trends in liver health Report.https: // Posted: October 25, 2021. Accessed: October 25, 2021.

Disclosures: Cryer reports consulting for advice from Salix Pharmaceuticals and the Global Liver Institute on liver cancer, non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, and rare pediatric liver disease.

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LAS VEGAS – In this exclusive video, Donna Cryer, JD, Founder, President and CEO Global Liver Institute, spoke about the launch of the Annual trends in liver health Report and its possible impact on patients with chronic liver disease.

Cryer, a 27-year-old liver transplant recipient and former patient with chronic liver disease, said it was the first report to provide strong data on chronic liver disease that could fuel the development of programs and advocacy for patients.

“Most importantly as a patient who has had chronic liver disease and had end-stage liver disease, something that really emphasizes the severity, urgency and pervasiveness of the disease. liver cancer and how it increasingly progresses to liver cancer is such an important message for the public to understand and certainly for physicians to understand, ”Cryer said.

She said that aside from gastroenterologists and hepatologists, primary care physicians need to learn how to treat complex patients.


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