Project tries to uncover previously hidden liver disease

Predictive Health Intelligence, a Somerset-based medical technology and clinical services development company, has launched a new phase of its project using its HepatoSIGHT technology and case-finding approach, to identify cases of liver disease so far. hidden there.

This phase involves recalling the first patients, who may be at risk of developing liver disease.

Predictive Health is a pioneering partnership between clinical, healthcare information management and NHS experts. They developed a case finder called HepatoSIGHT, which uses data from existing blood tests combined with new technology to identify previously hidden cases of liver disease. The project is funded by the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), the research partner of the NHS, public health and social services.

Tim Jobson, Medical Director and Chief Researcher of the Somerset Liver Improvement Project, said: “The response we’ve had so far from patients has been very positive, reassuring us that this approach is better for clinicians, the system of health and above all, patients.”

HepatoSIGHT takes over 200 million data elements and, in a secure and flexible way, enables clinicians to identify patients most at risk of developing disease. Through this, Predictive Health enables clinicians to take a patient-centered approach to the early identification of liver disease in the community. The overall approach of the project is to take advantage of this technology without adding complexity to clinicians’ already busy days.

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