Singapore boosts access to liver health education

Gilead Sciences is supporting the National Foundation of Digestive Diseases with a grant to improve liver health education in Singapore as part of its ALL4LIVER grant for Asia-Pacific

Gilead Sciences and the National Digestive Diseases Foundation (NFDD) announced a new collaborative effort to improve liver health education in Singapore.

Under the Gilead Asia Pacific ALL4LIVER Grant program, more than $1 million grants were awarded to support initiatives to improve viral hepatitis education led by community organizations across Asia Pacificwith a focus on chronic hepatitis B (HBV).

NFDD is among the first batch of ALL4LIVER grant recipients, and the only organization to Singapore. Currently, HBV causes 60-70% of the total number of liver cancer cases in the country.

NFDD is a long-established not-for-profit Singaporean organization that serves to improve the general public’s knowledge and awareness of diseases affecting the digestive and liver systems.

The Gilead Asia Pacific ALL4LIVER grant was inspired by a large-scale study of liver health in Asia that identified critical gaps in general population knowledge and attitudes towards liver health. An online survey of 7,500 respondents in 11 countries/territories: Singapore, hong kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailandand Vietnam.

The ALL4LIVER grant targets 11 countries/territories across the Asia Pacific region – identical to those of the Liver Index Study. Submissions focused on building peer support, improving hepatitis B awareness, literacy and innovation.

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