Symptoms of fatty liver disease: three easily overlooked signs


Since the 1970s, deaths from liver disease have increased by over 400% and according to the British Liver Trust, “Every day more than 40 people die” from this disease in the UK. However, the British Liver Trust goes on to say that “90% of liver disease is preventable” and the reason many people die from it is because the disease is diagnosed when it is too late to make lifestyle changes. or intervene. It is the leading cause of death among people aged 35 to 49. Spotting the symptoms is then crucial not only to improve someone’s life, but also to save it.

Another condition of fatty liver is encephalopathy; the medical term means periods of confusion and poor memory.

However, these are not the only symptoms of liver disease.

These are the others to watch out for, according to the British Liver Trust.
• Yellowing of the eyes and skin
• Bruises easily
• Swelling in your lower abdominal area
• Vomiting blood
• Itchy skin


Liver disease can be caused by a number of factors.

One of the main factors is poor nutrition.

A diet of too much sugar and alcohol will increase the levels of fat in your liver and your chances of developing the disease.

A subsequent result of unhealthy eating will be weight gain, another factor that can expose you to other conditions.

Liver disease doesn’t just affect people who are overweight, you can develop liver disease even if you are at a healthy weight.

The last main risk factor is insulin resistance. Here, your muscle, fat, and liver cells cannot easily absorb glucose from the blood.

This impairs the ability of insulin to suppress lipolysis, one of the processes by which fat is broken down.

There is no agreed-upon medical treatment for liver disease, but improving your diet, increasing your physical activity, and losing weight will help the liver to recover.


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