Understanding liver cancer through bequests

Thanks to research, more people than ever are surviving their cancer. In the 1970s, only 1 in 4 people in the UK survived cancer for 10 years or more. Today, that number has doubled. But, we have so much more to do. We must go further, and faster.

One of the exciting research projects taking place in the North East is led by Professor Helen Reeves. She explains the challenges her team faces in treating liver cancer.

Liver cancer has always been very difficult to study. Most patients have symptoms that are too advanced to treat. Not only does this affect outcomes for them, but it also means that tissue samples for research are rarely collected, delaying the discoveries needed to improve things. the future”

To address this, Prof Reeves set up the HUNTER Network, which brings together the best minds from the UK, Spain and Italy to fight liver cancer. Through this network, scientists are creating new tools and techniques that will help researchers around the world unlock new insights into unanswered questions about disease.

The team is working together to collect liver tissue and blood samples from people with liver cancer to create a vital resource that will be used in future research to further our understanding of the disease.

Professor Reeves stresses the importance of the HUNTER network and the impact of testamentary gifts to his research.

With the help of Cancer Research UK and our patients, we have developed new ways to study liver cancer in the laboratory using donated liver tissue and blood samples. This generosity will help us develop blood tests to detect cancers earlier, but also to identify which combination of treatments is right for each patient. I am motivated by the hope of new discoveries, which will change people’s lives.

I am truly touched by the generosity of those who leave a gift in your will. Thinking about others after you leave, your generous gift will make a real difference.”

Help us fund pioneering researchers like Professor Reeves and make cancer a thing of the past.

Together we will defeat cancer.

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