Unexpected effective treatment found for liver disease


(WYTV) – Are You Thinking About That Stomach Shrinkage Surgery In The New Year?
Weight loss surgery can help you with more than just shedding pounds.

A new study from the Cleveland Clinic shows that this surgery may be an effective treatment for advanced fatty liver disease. So if you keep going, you will not only lose weight but also help your liver stay healthy.

“The results have been remarkable. For the progression of liver disease, to the progression of liver cancer, cirrhosis, liver transplantation, or liver-related death, there was an 88% reduction in the number of patients who underwent bariatric surgery. That’s a huge reduction, ”said Dr. Steven Nissen, surgeon at the Cleveland Clinic.

Fatty liver disease can develop due to obesity.

The Cleveland Clinic has examined 1,100 patients with confirmed advanced fatty liver disease who have undergone bariatric surgery and have seen the disease disappear significantly. They also reduced their risk of developing serious cardiovascular disease.

There is no drug approved by the FDA to treat fatty liver disease. But weight loss surgery, provided you’re a candidate for it, could be an alternative treatment option.


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