WHO: 650 unusual cases of hepatitis in children; Liver cancer and AAD; Risk of shingles in UC

The World Health Organization has announced that 650 cases of unexplained severe acute hepatitis in children have been reported in 33 countries.

During this time, the New York Times profiled one of 180 U.S. cases — Liviah, a 4 year old girl from Ohio who needed a liver transplant for his illness.

More than 20,000 adults will be diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 2022, according to new estimates, and the incidence could be increasing in middle-aged people. (Washington Post)

Hepatitis C-related liver cancer prognosis improved “significantly” following the advent of direct-acting antiviral agents (DAAs)according to a Japanese study in Communications Hepatology.

The FDA is investigating a hepatitis A outbreak in strawberries potentially linked to FreshKampo or HEB brand organic varieties purchased from early March to late April.

As a unique screening test for patients with chronic constipation, anorectal manometry has been helpful in assess compression profiles for initial pelvic floor physical therapy while the time of expulsion of the ball was not. (Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology)

Are accurate serum tests for advanced fibrosis for younger or obese diabetic patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease? (Clinical gastroenterology and hepatology)

Long-term use of carvedilol reduces the risk of mortality and decompensation for patients with compensated cirrhosis, according to a systemic review and a meta-analysis of competing risks. (Journal of Hepatology)

Oklahoma doctors performed the first successful liver transplant (outside of a trial) with OrganOx metra, a normothermic machine infusion system that gained FDA approval last December. (KFOR)

Several factors – including age, weight and failure of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) inhibitors – have been associated with increased risk of shingles infection in patients with ulcerative colitis. (Inflammatory bowel diseases)

  • Zaina Hamza is a writer for MedPage Today, covering gastroenterology and infectious diseases. She is based in Chicago.

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