Who is Liver King? Know His Ridiculous Liver Diet

Instagram is flooded with influencers who post reels, stories and photos about different things to influence and inspire their followers. Flu culture on social media platforms has become a huge hit. After all, these people not only become famous, they also manage to earn money.

While lots of people are talking about fashion, fitness, travel and lifestyle, one Instagram influencer begs to differ. This one is a muscular, bearded man who lifts crazy weights. Well, lifting weights and posting videos and photos is normal. However, what makes him different from other social media influencers is that he eats ridiculous amounts of raw meat!!!!

Yes, you heard right.

This IG influencer calls himself the liver king. He prefers to live his own way, as he does not like to resort to a modern way of life but prefers an older way of living and eating.

The liver king eats animal liver every day. Here’s everything you need to know about him and his approach to fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Who is Liver King?

Liver King’s real name is Brian Johnson. She is a social media personality who urges all of her followers to live a Ancestral lifestyle be in good physical and mental health. He calls himself Liver King out of love for eating animal liver. According to him, it is a nutritionally dense food source.

Why does Liver King follow a bizarre act of eating liver?

There’s a reason Liver King likes to feed on raw liver. He claims that the modern world has made men extremely soft and fragile. The only way to change it is to live more like our ancestors.

Thus, to achieve this, he recommends his disciples to follow the nine ancestral principles he has set himself. It also motivates them to do heavy training and eat raw liver to stay healthy.

What are the ancestral principles of which Liver King speaks?

The self-proclaimed Liver King designed his Ancestral program, and he’s spreading the word on all social media platforms. According to him, “The human body has been perfectly conditioned for an environment that no longer exists. By living ancestrally, we overcome the obstacles between us and true health and happiness. We are rewriting the disconnect between who we are and the environment in which we live.

Here are the nine ancestral principles he raves about.


According to him, it is necessary to improve the quality of his sleep by relaxing early in the evening. The Liver King also suggests eating the last meal of the day several hours before you go to bed and not using your phone to sleep.

To eat

He urges his followers to cut out processed foods, seed oils and liquid calories from their diets because all of these are detrimental to good health.


The Liver King takes three 30-minute walks a day. According to him, “The well-being that is built from a balanced movement outweighs the need for satisfaction based on consumption.


You have to protect yourself from the dangers that modern life inflicts, such as fluoride, Wi-Fi and seed oils. The Liver King states that these are real dangers that end up making your life worse with an additive effect. They also disrupt your hormones, your metabolism, and your ability to sleep well.


Connecting with nature is part of the ancestral principle launched by the King of the Liver. He suggests taking off the shoes, going for a walk and connecting to the earth. It helps improve blood pressure and sleep quality.


Another thing Liver King suggests is the use of ice baths. According to him, jumping into cold rivers and lakes or taking a cold shower helps improve blood circulation. It also strengthens the body’s resilience to stress.


Getting enough sunlight is another essential aspect, as it provides vitamin D which works in synergy with other fat-soluble vitamins A and K.


No. Liver king doesn’t mean fighting with the neighborhood guy. But he suggests setting goals and aspirations and striving to achieve them. It releases dopamine and makes you happy.


According to Brian, the purpose of our ancestors was to protect the people around them by building shelters and hunting for food. He admits that the world doesn’t have to worry about these things so much anymore. However, he suggests putting away his phone and spending time with loved ones, friends and family. Ultimately, humans need humans.

You can explore more descriptions of these items on its website. According to a few people, many Liver King teachings are not necessarily radical ideas. However, when combined, they can bring a more fulfilling life.

How old is Liver King?

According to some reports, Liver King’s age is 44 in 2022.

What does the Liver King diet include?

The influencer gorges on about a pound of raw liver every day. This amount is far too high for most organ novices. So, he suggests that if someone wants to follow their diet, they should start with three ounces twice a week and gradually increase the serving. It also feeds on organs and muscle meats from grass-fed animals. Other items in his diet include egg yolks, whole raw milk and cheese, fish roe, homemade bone broth, and fermented vegetables.

He put on his website, “I’m not a hospital, I’m not a doctor, this is not medical advice. However, I have a degree in biochemistry.

According to many health experts, his diet is not healthy at all. Eating a pound of raw liver every day is dangerous, as it can lead to vitamin A toxicity.

What is Liver King net worth?

Liver King’s estimated net worth is one million dollars. The majority of his wealth comes from his supplement brands. The most popular brand he created is Ancestral supplements. He suggests that these supplements are for people who seek basic health and targeted support in tune with old-fashioned nature.

Other Liver King Health Tips

  • Keep your sleeping temperature between 64 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit and use blackout blinds because your bedroom should be completely dark while you sleep.
  • Use Himalayan salt lamps at sunset instead of regular lighting.
  • Wear UVEX protective eyewear 2-3 hours before going to bed.
  • Take a sleeping concoction 30 minutes before sleeping.
  • Get into the habit of sleeping on the floor like our ancestors did.

What do you think of the fitness and health approach suggested by Liver King? Tell us in the comments below.

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