Winter flannel highlights are the latest hair color trend

  • The strong points of “winter flannel” are the hair color trend that is storming 2022.
  • This highlighting technique adds both color and dimension to the hair.
  • The style is an update of a technique we already know and love, the traditional balayage.

Flannel has long been a winter staple and a layered piece in wardrobes for years, but what if we told you that you can wear flannel outside of the quintessential button-down shirt? According to experts, “winter flannel” highlights will be one of the hair color trends you can expect to see everywhere in the New Year – and it’s not as obvious as it seems. In fact, it’s an interesting new take on the traditional balayage technique.

“This look creates ribbons of color while retaining dimension,” Lorena Martinez, colorist at Maxine Lounge in Chicago, previously said POPSUGAR. “These chunky highlights and silver pieces frame the perimeter around the face and look great with a round brush for movement.”

While the technique itself is impressive, one of the best parts about this color is its versatility – it can work on different styles, as well as hair textures: “[It] works well with curtain bangs or face-framing layers, and traditional layered haircuts that complement the bold contrast, ”Martinez said. Anyone with frizzy or coiled hair can take a page from Beyoncé, Ciara or Elaine Welteroth’s books for inspiration on what the color can look like, while people with straight or wavy hair can turn to Jennifer Aniston or Jessica. Alba.

Are you interested in the trend but don’t know what to ask for at the salon? We have you: “Create this [look] with a traditional balayage where it really showcases every room rather than the overly saturated ‘balayage’ we commonly see, ”Martinez said. “Ask your colourist for ribbons that stand out and leave plenty of background color to ensure the color stands out. ”

If you want to say goodbye to one-dimensional hair color but still be careful with a trend that will almost certainly work, flannel highlights might be just what you’re looking for. Click ahead for inspiration to take with you on your next salon visit.

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